What is MortalTiger

Mortal Tiger is a mobile fight game that combines the concept of play to earn cryptocurrency with conservation efforts for tigers. Players can earn cryptocurrency by competing in matches and completing in-game challenges, and can choose to donate a portion of their winnings to the "Save the Tiger" governance fund which will be used to support real-world conservation efforts for tigers and their habitats. The game also includes 3D tiger NFT models that can be collected and used within the game. $MTT is the game's native cryptocurrency, which is an ERC-20 token based on the Ethereum blockchain and can be used for a variety of purposes within the game's ecosystem, such as purchasing in-game items and making donations to conservation organizations.

Our Team

Afsar Akbarov


Arif Mammadov


Taghi Zarbaliyev

Social Manager

Marat Bekov


Humay Rzaeva

Back-end Developer

Saftar Akbarov

Front-end Developer


        Q4 2022
        Developing a litepaper
        Creating a tokenomics model
        Defining strategic goals
        Building a demo website
        Building a community
        Q1 2023
        Releasing the demo website
        Onboarding strategic partnerships
        Reviewing the tokenomics document
        Participating in events
        Developing a marketing strategy
        Creating NFTs for early adopters
        Developing a game demo
        Building a website shop platform
        Creating a cinematic trailer
        Participating in events
        Onboarding partners
        Participating in events
        Cinematic trailer release
        Creating sport clothes brand
        Celebrity onboarded
        Securing stock on Amazon
        Participating in events
        Tokenomics review and audit
        Game demo ready to launch
        Celebrity onboarded

        Q1 2024

        Launching NFT collection for early adopters
        Creating NFT collection
        Launching demo game
        Token ready to launch
        Participating in events


        Launching the main NFT collection
        Creating NFT weapons
        Participating in events
        Partners onboarded
        Creating beta game   
        Token staking release


        $MTT token launch
        Creating second NFT collection
        Weapons collection launch in-game
        Creating event for our community                  
        Beta game launch


        Game updates
        Website updates
        Second NFT collection launch
        Designing MetaTuran city



How many Mortal Tigers you have in the first collection?

20K NFTs

How much art collection will cost?


What is the project's purpose?

Creating a mobile fight game that supports tiger conservation.

How does the game work?

Players earn cryptocurrency by playing matches and completing challenges, and can donate winnings to a conservation fund.

How do I earn $MTT?

By playing the game and completing challenges.

How are donations used?

Managed by conservation experts to support tiger conservation initiatives and projects.

What is the tokenomics plan?

Outlines the economic system of the project, including token creation, distribution, and value.

How can I get involved?

By playing the game, purchasing $MTT, and making donations, following the project's official communication channels.